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   With all that is going on in the world today....NOW more than EVER, there is a CONSCIOUS  AWAKENING   OCCURRING  THROUGH THE MUSIC!  It is time for the musicians to unite and spread the messages! There are systematic problems that we are having to deal with right now because of the greed within  the top 1% of the people in this country and the corruption that has ruined our governments.... People are rising up and saying it is TIME FOR A CHANGE and we will stand for this no longer!!! 

   We must do what we can to help continue the solidarity within the Occupy Wall Street  Movement  and THROUGH THE MUSIC is a KEY FACTOR in assisting in this task!  TOGETHER, through communication, we can spread the word and establish this "Rise Together Fest" in as many cities as possible that are already working to promote the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement.  

   We are in the midst of a GLOBAL REVOLUTION!  This music "fest" how we can remain FOCUSED, and  STRONG, and RISING TOGETHER! They will not be able stop this, especially if we can keep our Solidarity!!!


   Years ago, some had a vision with seeing this type of movement occur. This website has manifested itself in order to connect conscious musicians to those persons working within music groups in different  Occupy Wall Street cities.

   TOGETHER, we can spread a very POSITIVE and CONSCIOUS light during these cloudy days!  I encourage ALL musicians and coordinators to respond and let's get this website posted out into the mainstream of Facebook, twitter, all Occupy Wall Street links and any other ways you are communicating with others... WORKING TOGETHER and SPREADING the word is the ONLY way this will come together and occur! And I need your help fellow brothers and sisters to MAKE THIS HAPPEN...I can't do it alone!...  LET'S UNITE !!!

The "Rise Together Fest"  Musician's Mission Statement:

We, the  musicians who desire to be involved in this, pledge to promote the "Rise Together Fest"  by speaking out on all the unjust acts that have, and are, being committed to us! Time to wake the people UP from their slumbers and open their eyes to all of the lies that we have been led to believe! It is of the utmost importance to keep the people standing TOGETHER UNIFIED in this most serious time! And we pledge to do this in the most "NON-CONFRONTATIONAL" ways that we can in keeping with the mindset of PROMOTING SOLIDARITY!  Spreading...

POSITIVE and CONSCIOUS  lyrics in ALL STYLES of Music... 


   It's Time To Rise... Up to the Callin' !   
                                                         Rise... STAND UP BE STRONG! and  Rise...Up to the Callin"...  
                                   We're all apart of this Global Revolution!!


 These lyrics part of "Rise" Terri Mason-Hendricks
                                                         Working on getting  this song to this site and share with you very soon...